Fuckery Tales (PT 1)

Hi! . How has your day been, crazy, funny, gloomy. Well every bodies day has been different alright , by the way my name is Theo.Well before we start, Be sure to grab a nice chair and a blanket as I’m about to tell you one of my cool stories.
It was about 6:50 when the boy woke up, still feeling tired and all , he decided to sleep for “5 mins ” extra. Waking up it was already 7:55 and he had a class for 8:00 . All hell became loose as he aimlessly leapt to to the bathroom looking for water, to his utter disappointment , lekki water corporation had done it once again as there was no water. He ran downstairs to get some water to wash up or rather “rub and shine ” immediately meeting his mother which he didn’t due to confusion greet. As an African boy with a kogi woman as a mother, you should know that it’s better to go to sleep hungry than not greeting in the morning . Immediately he passed without greeting, she started insulting him and how his generation had lost their sanity. As he stood and listened to her ‘bants’ , his started recollecting his dream
whereby he was about to give one babe. I know right, He’s just a pervert. When she had finished, he ran up to his room to change. It was already 8:20 when he left his house, thinking nothing else could go wrong , he decided to call his seat partner to hitch a ride to school since the driver had gone to drop his father at work, only for his partner to tell him he was already at school and that there was going to be a test in 30 minutes . He finally decided to take the estate shuttle bus to the estate gate from which he would find his way to school. He stood for about 10 mins before he was able to board a bus, boarding the bus he found out the price for the ride to the gate was 200 naira other than the normal 100 naira , checking his pocket he found 150 naira only. He started cursing the estate management in his mind and started devising his plan on how to pay the bus fare, lucky for him , the conductor was an acquaintance , he immediately started “whyning” the guy and after some minutes of this he finally got the guy to collect the 150 naira.
Lucky for him once again , as he was dropping from the bus, he saw one of his estate babes in a car with her driver, He was about to shout her name so be could hitch a ride to school as he immediately remembered it was the same babe he had been trying to set p with for the past 2 months,
every time eventually ending up in friend-zone , he immediately turned his face to another direction so as not to be seen . After waiting for another 10 mins he saw his uncle driving to work which he was ever grateful to for passing at that particular time. His uncle dropped him off at school as it was on the same route to his place of work , as the boy crossed the school gate , he realized that his iPhone which had just been given to him a few days ago by his father as a birthday present was missing, he called his uncle to check the car but to no avail it wasn’t there. Being in a state of melancholy , he went to class only to see the teacher leaving the class with written test papers . He decided to meet the teacher to explain but he wasn’t pardoned to come for a makeup test as it wasn’t the first time he was late for a test. He accepted his fate and got seated for the next class only to realize he forgot his backpack at home .
Thinking about how life had been so cruel and about how life couldn’t get worse , as if the devil was reading his mind at that time, took the day up a notch. A babe which had promised him “some” during the weekend at her place came to break the news that she was going to her grandmother’s place for the weekend. He immediately started cursing the whole day starting. With the water corporation , the estate management, the bastard that pick pocketed his phone, the babe that wouldn’t give him some and he finally regretted ever taking the extra “5 mins” nap.
There it is . Sleep can be a bummer sometimes tho. I will leave y’all with the picture of the boy . He’s a dirty sleeper though.
I still believe I live in somewhat form of fuckery. Till next time. Btw follow me @pietrosparks , mention and get a follow back. 🙂 :*