Cheerful Givers

Hey there, I know it’s been a while since I made a post , but it’s a new year so I thought I should give yall something to bant about, btw I’m Theo , some call me Pietro but I’m okay with both and I think both names are are absolutely awesome. Oh I forgot , some also call me Almighty Theo but it’s rare, oh please let’s not leave the main topic.
The topic of today is GIVING . I know some of us already know the meaning of this but let me interpret this little but strong word. The dictionary on my iPod says : Giving Is the act of supplying something . I don’t like this one. Here’s another one. Giving is the transference of something CONCRETE or abstract to some body . Some will ask why the ‘concrete’ is in capital letters, we will get to that later . Now in the present time and day, that word has become so strong and sexual among teenagers like me ,that it’s not to be said anyhow in public especially when mentioning a persons name along with it. You could just be in a party and someone asks you where the car key is and you reply aloud ‘ I gave that babe, ehn …ehen Busola ‘ , I’m sure even if u don’t notice it (cos probably u might be high or on crack at that moment) , many eyes would have started peering at you just due to the misuse of that precious word.
Giving is an art which has been mastered by great minds such as Aristotle, Plato , Obama, and even our own Goodluck Jonathan. It takes years of practice to be great and still be able to avoid problems which we all know , e.g Belle as Nigerians call it. I personally haven’t gone into this field cos I haven’t even attained the height of getting a girlfriend πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜”, but from what I’ve heard , it’s sweet 😊, especially when the substance is racing over at a million miles from the ‘CONCRETE’ . I know a few that have mastered this great art. Well the fact is I can teach you how to master this , as a matter of fact you can start from one of my older posts are you a learner
The thing is a babe can be giving you but in this scenario Let’s not consider it giving, But still y’all babes can still learn , I wouldn’t mind getting one β˜ΊπŸ˜‰. The fact is , not every ‘Tom, Dick & Harry’ can Give well, some end up as epic failures.
Tbh the spirit of giving is becoming so rampant among teenagers that according to one of my guys which is so good at this , he said : ‘I’m an epic failure , how will I enter a club for an hour and give only 2 girls’. In my mind I was like this nigga just has to be shot πŸ˜’,is he that damn good. Some nigggas be like ‘ I haven’t gotten any this week ‘ and I’ll be like who really gives a fuck , while some will just come on twitter and be like ‘ just got some , best night ever’ meanwhile, sad to say , you just came out of ur wank paradise . SMH , any way I’ll stay in my friendzone ,that’s if I’m in any,☺ and continue my quest for that girlfriend. I know i know , I suck . Well if u need lessons . Hit up @gift_yb @steel_yomi on twitter and don’t forget to follow me again @pietrosparks , although I can’t teach 😁