Guy Code

Hello, wassup, wad up , how far , whats good, hey there, abeg anyway you want to answer, how has your day been, mine has been……. well, very dry and i want to get Osama from the grave to blow down lekki phase 1 ,thats how bad the boredom is. Since my exams are over and I’m back home, well I’ve decided to write a post after weeks of thinking of what to write and it finally dawned on me . By the way the name is Theo , almighty Theo, Mr giving you all you desire 😊 , Pietro, The inventor of air , etc. Any other cool name is accepted . Ehen i forgot, Mr na me handsome pass πŸ˜‰.
Well today I’m going to be talking about THE GUY CODE.😁 . Its just a set of rules which REAL GUYS should follow. Well most of the rules i guess. Lets start off 😊

1. Real guys don’t, i repeat , don’t pout . Are you looking for dick to suck , smhπŸ˜’

2. Real guys must’ve never liked or loved barney & friends , nnena & friends , Teletubbies etc. smh these shiis were like partial brainwash, wtf , im not that dull and they would be like “the spaceman is here and he is taking us to the moon” wtf. Is the spaceman’s mother a MILF on Mars?, If yes , well you can take the kids all the way πŸ˜’.

3. Real guys listen to upcoming dope artistes like hotice boys (still waiting for another dope single) , lil imbz / lil imzy (guy we dey wait for ur first single ooh) , DRBLasgidi (Naija’s one direction according to Gift.) ETC…. They are too much to mention abeg . Everybody wan do music πŸ˜ͺ.

4. Real guys dont have artistes like Timaya on their playlist, guy are they trying to kill you from ur village, if yes , you can listen to timaya and get some tips on how to run and sing song , then keep dada and then cut it .

5. Real guys dont watch fashion TV , for Gods sake, are you a fag, its not proper although i know you want to keep up with fashion, but guy nawwww, its not just meant to be, keep it tuned for your 5 years old sister so she can learn to dress like Ke$ha or Gaga before she turns 16.😁

6. Real guys should know how to see the sexual side of things y’know 😜. If a babe is gisting you of how she went all the way to the palms to get fresh banana and carrot and couldn’t find and she is hungry , you should know she is either a fruit lover which i doubt or she is seriously horny and NEEDS the D. This is just to say that real guys know when a babe wants it. Its just a blink judgement.

7. Real guys dont do ashawos , guy naww , thats just nasty, if youre that horny, look for porn to watch (not advisable). Or go watch some barney and friends. It should get your hormones and mind under control, and maybe vex you for trying to brainwash you πŸ˜‰.

8. Real guys are not feel-amongers . Because im doing shii doesnt mean you should do. Because Dumebi is doing music doesn’t mean Persie should do music or Because im giving your babe all she desires doesnt mean you should look for mine , which after finding out i dont have one, means you would probably go and look for ashi or prolly watch barney. Sorry ehn . 😁 Its not my fault I’m Almighty.

9. Real guys don’t steal pins, stalk followers asiin BBM, Twitter and Stuff. Guy are you that desperate , meet the babe and collect it na . Or you can just ask your guy for the pin, no gatts steal maw, its not that serious . At the end of the day , you will carry your mouth and say the babe is fronting. Who born your father, she know you from adam??.

10. Ehen finally for this segment . Real Guys read this Blog, asinn, My blog, Theo’s Blog, Real guys retweet this, send the link and spread my blog sha. This should be number 1 guy rule self. Let me not be selfish.

Ehen sha sha. There are still more guy rules, i cant type for long , maybe in another part . So till I’m in a very bored state, which is everyday , and i decide to write, follow @pietrosparks on twitter

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