Chooking mouth / Famzing

Hey, hi , wassup, good-morning ____o_ ,ekabo , anyone jorh, anyone that suits you best and gives me a better chance of famzing you. Anyway whats good, how has your day been, how have tou been faring , I’m just thankful that I’m going back to school, okay it seem unusual. Yeah thats how bad life is out here. Ehen by the way ,except this is your first time on this blog page which by doing so you’ve carried last, you should know my name(s) by now. The name is Theo, Pietro, The rider of Bugatti Bicycle, The Tensioner, Mr giving you all you desire ,Star of Barney and Friends , Lets not forget Nigerian Chuck Bass. Choose anyone , i know you’ll still love me at the end.
Well over the past week , some thing happened to me on Twitter , mehn i have never been humiliated so much on a social network b4 *skip *skip but its normal. Lemme just summarize what happened . I entered one guys mentions continuously ,Tbh i didn’t know the guy and I wont call it Famz, why should I Famz a mofo I’ve never seen, lemme call it Chooking mouth inside Retweet . After a period of time the guy was like (Jesus christ, i dont even know this guy) referring to me, the next thing, one of my own guys i knew denied me like Paul denied Jesus . This was too epic Tbh, retweets popped here and there and i entered Trending topic, sharr thats how you gradually become a Twirra celeb like me 😊.
Now the thing here is that niggaz (babes too) feel that if i dont know tou and youre talking to me , it is famz, your father there, how do you now know people, if its like that, your Mother has been Famzing tour father all these years, vice versa, sorry to say. Let me define Famzing according to Oxford Dictionary : its a process whereby someone who doesnt know you or flow with you decides to form ‘We be Sure Padi’s’ . But Tbh, famzing in this present day isnt because he or she doesnt know you, its prolly because maybe he or she isnt that fine ( maybe your beauty/fine boy has been locked inside bottle, inside pot locked at the bottom of the Pacific) sorry to say, or maybe the guy or babe Gbagauns a lot, or you believe he or she doesnt fit to roll with you/your social circle ( even God doesnt dine with you, who are you, Davido abi Wizkid. Smh😒). But sorry to say yet again, many guys / babes might have missed that ‘prince charming’ due to the fact that you think he or she Famzing, the guy/babe might not be that fine, might not be Dangote’s son or My daughter( you know im fucking Rich naaaaa😁) or might not be fit to be in your yeye ‘class’ , but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you might be blind currently, Go and beg your enemies in the village to release your Eyes inside the Calabash on top the mango tree in front of your Grandma’s house. As for me , mehn, Im free , just that some idiots annoy me. Abeg lets shift topic small. Shey you watched Barca- madrid , Abeg which babe on here or that you know can do a full split like Puyol, LMaoooooooooo😄😂😭😭, but Tbh, Madrid is my team, I own it. Again Man U fans , i Told you niggas De Gea was seeing his period, and nobody should yarn crap that Nani didn’t deserve the Red card. Abeg let Puyol’s daughter be as Good as him.
Back to topic. Sheyy you know i Believe in ‘True Love’ , ahhhhh mehn i’ll Keep that for another day. Im simply Advertising that i need GehFriend, Abeg your Fine Sister will do. But tbh sef, ‘just there’ guys and girls will still marry, why you dey fear, God dey.
Anyhow the Moral lesson is that you should Be more friendly to niggas like Me , which Aint popular or gat Doe or gat Friends. Such A Loner.😓😞😊☺. btw dont forget to follow me on Twirra @pietrosparks . This is the screenshot of what happened on Twirra. Enjoy and stay Blessed