Secondary School Stories PT 2

Hey guys , I know , it’s me again. The name is Pietro and if you’ve not heard , I’m chuck norris’ biological son other than the fact, that I wake up under bugatti’s every morning and ride horses that can fly to school.
I dont even know how to thank y’all for reading yesterday’s post. 157 hits from yesterday alone.


Highest of all time in my carrer as a newbie . I can’t thank y’all enough for the support and The RT’s and shared links.

Well before I start off to the gruelling and exciting secondary school stories, you can read up yesterday’s post HERE .
Ehen . What I’m about to say doesnt concern today’s topic or mis-adventure in any way. One of my niggas told me he hadn’t shaved down there since when he was born. And you know how old he is now? .Haha lets just say 18. Wow 18 years without a shave, and he is hairy so I’m sure the forest started growing there probably right from 12 (benefit of doubt, I think it was before 12) .Nigga!!! 18 years without a shave. Guy gatts be looking like .


To wrap it up. YALL NEED JESUS.

Now to the main shiiiiii. (I’m sure you want to hear about how they flogged me so hard) .
Today’s story is from my SS1 period. Mehn this is when life was harddddddddddd, asiiin guy,we were the tractors of the school, the toilet women, the cleaners etc. All in one. But fuck, some humans are wicked beasts with hardened souls.
So it was the “after-exams” period where normally, prolly in BIS and co, where the grass is always greener, yall be rejoicing and organizing dance competitions, eating cookies, and making out with that babe youve been trying to set all term, altogether Fun stuff. MEANWHILEEEEEE, in Navy, this was a period set aside by wicked humans like  you to torment the souls of little children like me and cause body harm of all sorts ranging from strokes of 4×4 sticks to metals to Technical Drawing boards, to even HAMMER’S (I’ll gist you about this later) used to flog and decapitate the very little demons we still had left after 3 years. Well some people managed to run home , either by the fence or your parents had connections one way or the other.Niggas like us had nothing, Parents are civilians and my dad to be honest is a Disciplinarian so im sure he wouldn’t have even minded . And besides when I meant nothing I also meant, no provisions , no money etcetera etcetera. So now, the new plan by the prefects was to be moving people directly for labour immediately after breakfast , but the thing was that, we were forced to go to eat as well so it was practically unbeatable. So you know what happened?, Clever minds like mine came up with a plan to stay alive, cos it was the case of “Nearly dead or alive or caught and dead finally”. We built a fortress in the ceiling. When I mean ceiling, inside the roof and moved our belonging’s there. Fuck, we had matresses balanced so well in the roof, on the woods holding the ceiling itself,had all things needed to survive ranging from Mp3 player, Palito, phone,bucket, plate, and Garri (only God knows where it came from). But mehn, we were all feeling like scoffield at the same damn time!. We had the blueprint of this place totally on check. We even constructed a nice toilet. To top it all off. WE FUCKINGGG HAD A CONDOOOOO!!!!.
So there was a day when I think the prefects started suspecting our hide-out and came to check the roof.


Mehn fuck. We were running and entering dark cobweb infested areas. Running on 2×2 planks, we were fucking Usain Bolt and Houdini at the same time!!!!! . Although we weren’t caught , they started suspecting there. Lmaoooo. But the stress of climbing ontop chair to enter roof was already enough for them to forget in most cases, even if they entered, badman woukd still find route. Anyways in other cases. If I wasnt in my CONDO. I ws in MY OWN private condo aka My big locker. I was lucky to get one big locker (actually bullied to get it ^_^, but cant call it bullying in yhe jungle) . Mehn in the morning I’ll just enter and lie down and sleep off till after labour, now sneak out and eat.


Yes it was that big,But i wasn’t that big either. Mehnn that locker saved badman in many ways. Lets not forget I was on a “Garri only” Diet for close to 3 weeks.

Anyways, sorry guys,I have to stop here for today. PHCN hasnt given me light for the past 6 days and some people are having light 24/7. In short im gonna be a human rights activist in my next post. Why should I always be the one to suffer 😦 ?? I ain’t even got a cold drink in this house. If you guys can get me light tho. We can talk business ;). Haha anyways yall stay tuned , follow @Pietrosparks , read on , RT and share those links and Stay Blessed. THANKS!

19 thoughts on “Secondary School Stories PT 2

  1. Patiently chilling for the end of ur story…lmao…*think its gonn be more fun if u mention names/nicknames of ’em featured too*….lol #just saying…..#salute’s

  2. LMAO..pls elaborate more on d toilet in the roof thing…wud love 2 hear bout dat in details. 😉 tnx

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