Secondary School Stories PT 3

Hey guys. Yeah yeah. “Why the fuck didnt you write yesterday” haha sorry,calm down. I came down with mad stomach ache yesterday. Apparently I think it was cos of my constant combos like Golden-morn & coke then Sprite & Nutri C then Amala after that. I swear I thought I was gonna die yesterday. Anyways I was prepared for the worst.
My name is Pietro but must of yall just call me Theo, both are my names anyways, feel free to call me any. If you missed my last post, fly Here .
By the way, thank you ohhhhhh. I think one of you must’ve talked to Nepa for me from my last post. As im writing. There is FUCKING LIGHTTTTTTTT *starts twerking*.


Apparently as you are reading, there is NO FUCKING LIGHT. Thank you all for the views once again. Last time it was 157, thank you all now its 252. And we getting to that 1000 overall reads.
By the way. One of my followers @freshiemagic & Friend asked me to post something for him. I said he should pay to be publicized jokingly, and he started telling me story of how his sister is going to be MBGN 2013 , that she would give me if she wins, and how he still has Abraham’s pubic hair hanging in his room. Anyways Im too kind to say No soo. Here it goes.. VOTE MISS ONDO FOR MBGN 2013… not that I care though,  Yall babes are gorgeous out there :* .Btw heres her picture


LMAOOOOOOOO. Some of y’all said I should expantiate on the toilet we had in “The condo” . Lol. If I explain. Itll be too gruesome for your imagination so its better I show u how it felt.


So unto todays post. Haha I don’t even know what to talk about cos everyday was an adventure in that school. Okay lemme bring up “The Hair Issue”.
Oh I forgot to mention. IT WAS A BOY’S ONLY SCHOOL (HEY I AM NOT A FAG IN ANY WAY.I LOVE GIRLSS SO MUCH ALTOUGH IM NOT A PERV). Even the other Navy in Lagos where they had girls, most of the girls looked like boys. Most boys were even finer than girls  I heard. So as I was saying, my school was only boys but not boys like Whitesands where its a MALE ONLY SCHOOL, including the teachers and co. In my defence, we still had some sexy teachers and corpers, even heard some bad guys used to get down with some of them.Even though my school was Boy’s only, people still wanted to have “Swag” by force by fire. Lmaooo. Some would say “why the fuck would someone be doing swag for his fellow boy” , if you were in the system, you would understand. Swag X Dressing was attached to respect in a way, although even if your senior didn’t have swag, ahe could still lie you down and plank you 72 with metal and nothing would happen. Yes you heard me right, Nothing would happen. The craze for dressing was so much, it was asif they were fashion designers themselves, some would save so much , it seemed they were anorexic so they could just sew something unique and somebody would just hail them. Anyways I hailed them too. Apparently the craze shifted from clothes to Hair, yes hair. People had become so engrossed in growing their hair , some even used to put grass in their hair cream hoping it would increase growth. You know the downside of this all?,  my school always wanted your head shining. Unlike other “Boti” schools where they’ll be like “Junior, the hair is full, just trim it down a little and have it shaped hun :)” ,they wanted it looking like a desert with little groundnut oil to top it off, and if you were unlucky, you could be told to sit on your head, yep almost upside down. I cant even imagine the pain cos It never happened to me (I sha barbed desert but I used hair cream instead of groundnut oil though). So yeah, we were niggas growing hair like mad men and there was the school, Yes the enemies of progress. Apparently , after constant warnings to go to the barber, the battleground was set for a war that would last for years and I’m sure its still on as we speak. They stopped using their mouths to speak and rather moved on to something better “The scissors”. So now we were like fugitives , missing food, skipping assembly, hiding inside bush and roof , all because of hair that we wanted to keep and hopefully carry it home, so some babes at home would feel you, due to the fact that it helped hide what we truly were at that time, Prisoners. LMAOOOO some people were unlucky though. The moment you just step into your house hoping youve dodged school,


Lmaoo, you know the funny part?, they’ll still come back to school and struggle to grow it like their life depended on it.

I forgot to say, the military personnel were very creative. I heard military men in general love having sex , so prolly some creativity came from there as some would shave your hair into what most times looked like G-string, Penis , V, Roundabout,  Pope cap, pope cap in reverse, Abstract art , center-G amongst others. With every story you heard about how they caught one guy and now he is on skin cut, the more your morale dropped. Lmaoooooo. Some people are crazy shaa, they would go to the barbers place on their own and barb desert to avoid trouble. In my mind I’ll be like “are these ones retarded or what, how could you just surrender?”. At one point (not just once though), I had the fullest hair in my set, I was hiding for my life!!,  anyways it was the “after- exams period” so I was rather invincible.
Lmaooooo. There was this guy that they caught, after they scraped his hair into all kinds of shapes and he scraped it down to desert, the guy no greeee ohh, he relaxed his skull and dyed it on top,  lmaooooooooo , I wanted to die, but you cant say anything before the person would chook blow inside your eye, so I just said “Bad guyyyyy, omo u no gree oh. Those people dem be bastards” then I went to my room and laughed so bad, I started crying. Haha, even one of my padi’s got nabbed, after “the skin process” his head was fucking fair, and this guy I’m talking of is dark mehn, meaning his head hadn’t known sunlight since God knows when. To show you how stupid that school is, days before graduation, they were still shaving people’s hair,some sha jumped fence to go and chill, haha some kain guys that they caught didn’t gree oh. After scraping their hair with scissors , they still said they were not cutting it, some of them would now put hair cream in the scraped part expecting it to grow fast and catch up. As pa boys na, gatts give them hope, we would be like ” omo the hair don dey grow ohh. Omo your hair dey grow fast diee”, apparently they still caught some of these people and added designs to their hair.
Sha there was a period of time, I don’t know what came over me,I went to the barber 3 times in a row and cut my hair SKIN, every time feeling fresh out of the oven and ending up regretting cos one would be like “omo this guy u no fine again ahh” then others would follow, all for the fact that they wanted to tap my head, when I mean tap , I mean Slap.wicked bastards. With that head sha, I could find a pin in the dark, I could detect electrons floating etc, it was like I had super-powers \(^_^)/ . Lord knows I’m not going back to that, I can consider it when I get damnnnnnnnn ass rich, I can then cut it Skin and employ a babe to be oiling it and rubbing it just the way I like (^_^) ;).
Anyways I have to stop here today. Thank you guys for the support. Follow @pietrosparks on twitter, Keep them RT’s coming, share them links. Read on and stay blessed. Once again the name is Pietro.

10 thoughts on “Secondary School Stories PT 3

  1. Hahaahahaha…like dah kind criss_cross shaped liked I railway crossing sign…feelin ur pain bro…#teamexboys

  2. Hahahaha! Dat guy wey relax en skull dye am on top, i rmembr clearly. Lwkm4hr. U 4 tlk na, ehn, theombey. (Blackout) lmao.
    All join, 9c post.

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