The First Time (The battle)

Hey guys whats good. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep you company over the past week and shii. Dozen of complications came up. Anyways thanks for the Views and RT’s, I appreciate. For yall just visiting this site for the first time , I go by the name Pietro or you can simply call me Theo. I forgot to mention that I’m Mike Ross’ brother, I guess we have many things in common 😉 .
Anyways todays post is going to be brief , it might be really brief self. Anyways lets see. LEGAWWWWWWW ^_^.


Haha im sure people that read the post on
how I tried to runaway from home , would be like “is this one so unhappy with his house” . Lmaoo. Apparently its not like that, but still I’m not happy and I’m not sad either ways, I won’t mind running away for a vacation on the Bahamas.
Anyways this story dates back to when I was in SS2. I was on long holidays right about this period.  I had escaped the enemies of my hair progress at school and I was feeling like a bad guy with my mini afro and shii, trying to cover up the sufferings from school with my hair. After relaxing the hair with them Ozone and co and Dyeing it (I am not rich sorry ehn if you expected Dark & Lovely back then) by myself, I went to the barber to do a little touch up. Back then the only places I could go to was church, which my parents drove me to, but still the whole “big boy” was needed to satisfy my ego.
Now to the main thing. I dont know whether my Dad knew bout the fact that I was relaxing my hair or he just wanted to be annoying and push my buttons like he normally does -____-, So on one sunday, fresh outta church with my hair and co, cleansed of every demon possible in my life, and my soul as white as snow, empowered to evangelize to millions in the ikoyi-lekki axis o:) ,dad just called me up after the normal “Sunday morning breakfast ritual” Bread , egg amongst other stuffs and said “You need to cut your hair, I will give you money eh” . It sounded like a suggestion, but We all know it wasn’t and in the blink of an eye I went like this


So here I was again going all


Cos I must say . Im slightly stubborn so I guess my dad just felt like pushing that button. He gave me the money as he promised, apparently that was money for credit to do 10mb for 5 days straight ^_^ ( As I said. Im not rich biko ) . So I squashed the money and dodged my dad every day and he did like he didnt notice until the next sunday came. Now he came and gave me the normal “You have tested my will, you are a child and you can’t be obedient to your parents?”And I would normally not answer -_____- . “Theophilus, now it is my will against your will. Let see who will surrender” . At that point I was like


So he told me to go and dressup, that he was taking me to the barbers. I went upstairs and locked myself in the toilet, after wasting time, he came up and shouted at me. I resolved to science. I reasoned that wet hair spoils clippers therefore the barber wouldn’t want to cut it. I wet my hair and carried pure water along in case. We got to the barbers place and I told him “low cut but not so low”. The next thing I heard was “make it skin” from behind my back, it was my dad. As I heard that I was like


I stood up and as I was about to leave  the barbers place, My dad pushed me and my small Nokia E-63 “my pride of barbados”, i was managing fell down. He was like “Come back here” and I didn’t look back. The barber’s place was in the estate so I could easily walk to my house or something. He got into the car and was driving and saying “get into this car” repeatedly which all fell on deaf ears. I started crying (fake tears really) and I was like “dad why me oh , why me (kokolet 1, 2) tell me why me” I was like


He eventually left me and drove to wherever he was going. My thought was like “Guy aren’t you tired of all this. Runawayy.” And I was alredy thinking of how I would probably look for a way to live with my uncle in abuja. BUMut I didnt ebmven have miney for estate shuttle Talkless of flight or bus fare sef. Anyways I called my brother and gave him the low-down . He came to pick me up and drove me to my exquisite barber on the island. Anyways I came back home and my dad wasn’t around neither had he told Mum.  Reliefff!!.
I carried on with my activities until my dad came back later on. The man didnt even talk Untilllllll HE CALLED ME FOR ONE ON ONE IN HIS ROOM. Lol I was scared as Hell, not for flogging or anything (he had never touched me) , but for the fact I didnt know what he could do. So I went and had a long discussion spanning about 3 hrs about how “I disrespected and almost fought him” . After everything he then told me “Lie down” . That moment. I knew “izz about to get down *dbanj voice*” . I lay down and he brought out a leather belt from maybe his days as a student in the 70’s and flogged me. At first I was all “odenshi” cos it was nothing compared to being flogged with metal on the lap, but then he continued flogging one spot on my butt and it gradually entered but then , I couldn’t give him the satisfaction by reacting. So I stayed calm till he finished. He yarned mumbo jumbo and I later went to my room feeling kinda victorious. Little did I know that the battle was over but the war wasn’t. The war ended Here.
Lol my brothers said “Daddy is no more daddy, he is now old. Back then he will flog you till you cry and would even fight you man to man if you tried to resist”, Let’s just thank God for Ageing in this case.

Haha anyways that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. Dont forget to follow @pietrosparks on twitter and share the links. Catch the posts easily by subscribing or following my blog. Enjoy and stay blessed

13 thoughts on “The First Time (The battle)

  1. Odensi, as tiny as you are. Lmao
    Whats with the whole hair thingy, shouldn’t have gone through all of that just cause of hair, no be like say the thing dey add to GPA sef.

  2. Umm ur cool story reminds me of when my head of sch chopped my hair with scissors wasn’t cool broh …buh cool tory sha @Tito s/o to u for pushn fort dis link amah keep Re-Tweetn it

  3. Umm ur cool story reminds me of when my head of sch chopped my hair with scissors wasn’t cool broh …buh cool tory sha @Tito s/o to u for pushn dis link amah keep Re-Tweetn it

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