I am Quite bad at Betting

Hey guys, how you doing, how was your night/day. Got problems in your life? , Girlfriend problems? , haven’t been able to get a girlfriend for your 25 years on earth?. Today I am here to prophesy against it, come for deliverance, come to me let me change your life, I shall cast away that curse that has been put on your beauty, we can use makeup in the process, or the alternative, Just twerk on top Knife and all your problems shall be solved, so easy.
Anyways incase you’re reading this post for the first time; you can call me Theo/Pietro/Psychopath/MrGivingYouAllYouDisayya/Badman T/Mr Fried Bread. I don’t need to explain how my names give people mouth orgasms, ask people let them explain. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all the support, RT’s, Likes, @’s, Comments and the fact that yall always comeback even when theres nothing being learnt. I woke up to 2,500+ views of my blog, its not been easy even though I haven’t been able to deliver as I promised iiii… *sniffs*  


Well because of this, I’ve decided to bless y’all with a link of my secondary school documentary. It portrays the average life and times of a Navy Boy, Here it is . After you watch it I’m sure you’ll be like “This nigga has struggled”, omo yesso. You can catch up on little bits of my Adventurous and sad life in secondary school HERE. Today’s post might be short, but anyways to the post


Ever heard of anything like Nairabet? Well most of you won’t know this, its for people like us that used to struggle before. Okay let me explain, Nairabet is a website where people place bets as the name implies, and predict scores and stuff like that hoping to multiply their money up to a hundred times extra which can be cashed out. To cut the long story short, you can bet with N100 and win up to N30, 000 or more depending on how many bets you place in successive order. Having read this, I’m sure you’re hungry to make some money, see thief. Sha here is the site: Nairabet .
So here is the thing, It was 2nd semester when this Nairabet craze swept school properly, Almost every laptop you saw connected to the internet was on Nairabet or on another score site, trying to permutate his winnings. When I hear some people say “This guy put N200 in chop N45, 000”, I used to be like “Omo, one day I go join dey make money like fireee”. So after months of resistance, I finally caught the plague, I registered on Nairabet and flourished my account with about N1000 for starters. Then I went to meet “Nairabet gods’  to teach me the way, the guy I went to meet was just talking gibberish about how to predict and co, I was just nodding to all he was saying because I knew I was gonna win like a mad man either ways. So I decided to bet on lawn tennis that day, I put like N100 on the bet and watched as the scores turned. I bet at the early stages of the game so the winnings were still high. The person I bet for was winning at 1st quarter and I felt I had cheated nairabet. Mannn you don’t even want to know how that turned out, Lets just say minus N100. so here I was with N900 and the eagerness to bet, I bet on other things sha but till today, I NEVER WON, NOT EVEN ONCE ON NAIRABET, so I decided to stop. I still have like N100 inside my account sha, if you want, just @ me. But there was a day when I bet N100 and I accumulated many bets and it entered like N25000, that day I knew that either Nairabet wasn’t for me or they were following me from my village. Imagine, out of 19 games I bet for, I won 18 and lost 1, and since I accumulated, a loss spoils all. If I made that money now, I would have opened my fried bread shop by now, oh well I go still blow. Anyways, to cut the long story short, I stopped betting.
One of my roommates, one big guy like this and his friend came up to me that they’ll finance the betting, that I will make the betting decisions and we will share the stash if we won. Here was how this guy is compared to me so I couldn’t even decline;


besides I wanted to feel like na me bet pass and I wanted to win ofcourse. So they deposited like N1000 into my dreaded nairabet account and I started placing bets, I was losing and their money was going but I wasn’t telling them sha, because I no wan spoil contract. The day Real Madrid was playing against Barcelona, they said I should bet on “Both teams score” but no, I bet on “Madrid wins” and I lost, they didn’t shout, they kept calm, but the day Nigeria was playing with one country like that during the African Cup Of Nations tournament, they called that I should bet on Nigeria, but me being me, someone who doesn’t believe in naija football bet on the other team. When Nigeria won, I was like  


This nigga wanted to beat me Mann. I just had to lock up and sit down in one corner while he shouted. I then suggested that I give him back his money, that’s when he became real angry and was acting like N1000 was nothing. Mann I’m just happy I didn’t chop blow or kick or anything that would have made me receive deliverance that night. The funny thing is I have two friends that lose but still keep betting, I just keep praying that they will hit jackpot so we will share the money together. It’s cool to say that I’m either bad at betting or I’m just not lucky in terms of Nairabet, but quote me “I WILL STILL HIT THAT NAIRABET JACKPOT” and I will shame my betting enemies.  
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Umm. So hey guys how ya dewwing. Welcome back to Pietrospeaks where nothing reasonable is said and nothing is learnt. Well yesterday, after sharing the links and all, I hadn’t had breakfast and so I remembered a recipe for FRIED BREAD (I’m not a bush man. Its not french toast). This recipe was founded by my great sister in the kitchen of the royals. So I set off to preparing it and after 30 mins I was done. I came onto my twitter and tweeted “Fried bread for breakfast” that’s when all hell broke loose and I saw people whose lives had been dulled from birth. Me having not watched lion king till today is dulling but you not having fried bread is a sin. Yes its a sin. Well I guess I’ll have to drop the recipe on one of my later posts.
To todays Post then.


So I told you guys in my last post that I went for one camp stuff like that right. (You can open it up if you haven’t), so it was one church camp held in ogun state in one finnnnnne school . I call it fiiiiiiiiiiine  because the secondary school I went to is not 0.0000000001 times as good as this school is, Dieted meals, Ac in the rooms and all that, Man it was heaven for some of us, some people were already so accustomed to their struggle that they chose to sleep on the floor instead of mattress mannn.
Well throughout the camp, it was filled with prayer, like “Demon crushing” prayer and stuff and the thing is i’m not much of a fan of prayers involving shouting and stuff so it was somehow annoying most times (lord forgive me) when everywhere would erupt in prayer, it was like noise to my ears. Anyways lets fast forward to the last day of camp when everybody was preparing and ready to flee back to their homes. After breakfast we all went to a dome like structure where we hold our services, for praise & worship, having lead praise & worship the previous day (Aspa Radical boy for Jesus 😉 ) I felt no need to go out, not no need but I didn’t feel like. So after the praise and worship, the normal talk would be “after camp, whats next” where people would start saying how their lives have changed and stuff (I believe most if us revert back in maximum space of a week if not two), then we go on to pray then flee home. But today, we weren’t having any of that, we were having a Deliverance session.
Someone then came up to tell us his story of how he was once a cultist and stuff, and how his life had changed as he came for this camp. His main intention was to come and flex (Enjoy) but as the Lord will have it, The Holy spirit “Arrested” him. His story was touching mann and I feel thats the only person i know that truly changed in that camp.
Now after his testimony, a pastor came to tell us that the accessories we bought from olumo rock had “demons” in them, hat we shouldn’t collect it that they would be burnt. Lawl. Me having bought 3 items, A local necklace (dog tag) and 2 identical beads I was like no no no, not because of the money but because of the way they had made everything so spiritually affiliated. Trust, I collected my stuff with them back eventually.
They later started Altar call which I choose not to go for because I have given my life to christ countless times. Some people went and gave their life to christ and stuff. Then one of the pastors came up and preached, he was then like “if you have any problems, that you’re facing, any “demon” that is disturbing your life, I want you to come to the stage” . Thats how people started coming out in multitudes, I have my own problems too but tbh, its a mixture of problems and peer pressure that took me out. The pastor said we should close our eyes, he started praying, gradually graduated to “Speaking in tongues” (most times I dont see the need for this), then the next thing he was like “HOLYYYY GHOSTTTTT, IT IS COMING, IT IS COMING,  IT IS COMING”. Mannnnnn The place was cold as fuck and this nigga was shouting. Mannnnn I was like

I was scared as hellll. I think the fear was on the same level as my encounter in secondary school , but that one was worse being in the night. I was so scared that I had to start rubbing shoulders with people around me, babes to be precise because everybody was scared man. The pastor went on like “CLOSEEEEEE YOUUUURRRR EYESSS. THE HOLYYYY GHOST. IT IS COMING,  IT IS COMING , IT IS COMING” Man all my thoughts of opening eye to peep just died immediately. Then he was like “IT IS HERE. HOLY GHOST YOU ARE HERE” and according to what I see on tv and stuff, I was expecting my body to start catching fire or something out of the ordinary, but I felt nothing but fear. The pastor then called on the other facilitators and was like “THE HOLY SPIRIT IS HERE. WE ARE GOING TO DELIVER THEM”. My eyes were still shut for like 3 minutes when I heard “POWWEEEEEEEEERRRRRR, DIEEEEE, COME OUTTTT, I CASTT YOU”. Man I had to open my eyes. This what what I saw

Mann a facilitator was choke slamming one babe, saying she should receive the Holy spirit, it was too late to go back to my seat, so I rather ran to another side where people were concentrated. And all around me I was just hearing “RECIEVEEEE ITTTT. RUN OUT”
PS: I am a Baptist, all of this was like a freak show.
I opened my eyes again and saw people lying down on the floor like they had either been castrated or choke slammed. Finally MY TIME CAME. I was face to face with the pastor and I was like

So I steadied my leg to have stamina because my legs were shaking involuntarily and I’m sure It was because of fear and also because I was so sure that he would push me.
So he put his hand on my head and started praying and started pushing me back and back and back and I continued moving back and turning round and round and round until he had “delivered” me and I rushed back to my seat. I didn’t feel anything leave my body though. Even if anything didn’t leave, Thank you Jesus, but mann the fear. They later asked if they felt if anything left our bodies. Sadly only very few people raised their hands after hesitation.
And by the way. My right ear is blocked now. Some say its the “olumo demons”. Mannn Fuck that, I will still wear em. GOD DEY.

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Its that time of the year again (VMA’S 2013)

Hey Guysss, how are you, did you miss me?, I’m sure you didn’t, not a single one of you, you didn’t eve think of me all through summer, you couldn’t @ or DM me that lets hangout (that you’ll cover all expenditure), Man y’all are just ridiculous. If you ask me if I I missed you guys, ughhhguess-what-i-dont-give-a-fuck

So sorry I couldn’t drop write-ups, had issues, had to clear my head, I and Meagan (Good) just finished picking a name for our baby coming soonest. Meagan is so picky with names, but man she can pick all she wants cos she is wife material, and god blessed me with Aphrodite here on earth. And yeah I went for one Camp like that , yunno we have to become good Christians and come and save all of you , I’ve been working on my new song (if you like think I’m joking) #Ubuntu, spread the word.

As I said earlier on my previous post, ill be starting a new series which will probably last a month, a post or two per week, but i’ll still be up on the random stuff. Anyways just letting y’all know.

If this is the first time you’re on this blog or you just want to see my sexy names here you go, you can call me Theo/Pietro/BadMan T/MrGivingYouAllUDisayya/Mike Ross’ Bro/Mr Sexzyyy and you’re welcome to PietroSpeaks, Some say my name gives them mouth orgasms, oh well the lord is with you.

The thing is , the post I intended for today has been pushed to tomorrow because I cant help but talk about the Vma’s that went down like 2 nights ago.

For yall that don’t know, the 2013 VMA’s (Video Music Awards) took place at Brooklyn, and its one of those award nights that bring tons of artistes, directors etc; for one night of entertainment and reward, this year apparently some things caught my attention that, I have to talk about one after the other and you can relax and get popcorn or whatever.


Now gaga was the first major performer that night performing her new song “Applause”. She came up on stage looking like cardboard, (well she is a cardboard in real terms (flat)), with her male dancers that seem gay to me, their looks, their dressing, even one had his dick almost up in the air, it’ll be a pity if it was up for Gaga, I mean Gaga is getting old and she is looking dead to accompany the age and stuff. Through out the performance all I could imagine were the stretch marks on her boobs which I saw in one picture, oh well she was on bikini through out the Awards, I guess that’s a good thing.


Sayyy wahhh. Man this babe is definitely on crack, this young Hannah Montana babe like 3 years ago has turned to the flat white chick on crack that “cant stop”. At first when I heard she went all twerky and dirty on robin thicke, i was like36973285

But after watching


Her case is special so I have to break it down

  1. I thought she was going all wild and stuff which I like, but eventually I figured she was just being stupid. Sticking tongue up in the air like her father or doctor forced chloroquin (malaria medicine) down her throat. Robin thicke was jejely doing like he didn’t know her as she was spoiling performance and spoiling the song as well
  2. She was looking like a Ho, yes a ho. I mean, if you’re gonna get wild and dirty on stage, wear a nice bikini or extreme crop top or you can ask my step wife (Rihanna) to give you tips , but noo she had to go and borrow brown elastic waterproof bikini from Disney studios. I mean, she is flat as hell, and she is wearing elastic bra that pushes the very little she has back. Then she was taking her finger down to her privates like she was trynna tease us. ugh epic fail. I can’t even finish her own. Iss too mushh. Here is a pic shar



Now this nigga is like the most popular short black comedian out there but the thing is , I think he tries too hard to be funny, I laugh at times but still I think he just like to talk.

He first went on like “I never knew lady gaga got asss mehn, she’s got ass”.  Man this was just pure sarcasm or yabbs, and I’m sure gaga would be feeling herself on her seat, her happiness making her ass and boobs grow by a centimeter.

Then he busted some lines hoping Kendrick would call him out. See mad man, when I never find reply for Kendrick wey call me out, na You wan find Calling, baba easy ohh.


Man, this babe disappeared from the horizon for many years up till 2 nights ago, she was looking like a Barbie doll up on stage yesterday (I hate Barbie dolls), But man, the highlight was that ass / Hips . maannnnnnnn. Those hips can open the gates of heaven, Cure Hiv, Break Coke Bottle , Restore Virginity, Avert Poverty. Oh my!!! the good part is I have Meagan at home, she can serve me right too. Here is a sneek peek mannnn music-mtv-vma-2013-11_1


I don’t know where to start with these niggas, first of all I like one or 2 of their songs and im no hater, but man they act gay at times and I don’t even think they deserved an award. They were listed as worst boy band ever and still they won a moon man for song of the summer. I haven’t even heard the dirty song, then girls will come and be shouting “Zayn Malik” awwn “Liam Payne” awwwwwwn… Its okay , when #Ubuntu Drops you people will shout all of my names too

Men there were many highlights. Justin Timberlake was just splendid, Macklemore cleared my idea of him being gay a bit and Kanye west wasn’t performing, he was just shouting, and drake was boning all through like he was about to drop one of his soulful songs, maybe cos he didnt win . Anyways this is my own opinion, you can kill your self if you no like .

Before I round up pata pata, I want to give a shalla to Melvin and Beverly #BBA . I didn’t watch the show one day but still just gatts shalla. Sorry Melvin, Try again, you might just win finally, and Bev I’ll do all you did to get a shot at that $300,000 (N48,000,000), anyways I’m going for BBA next year, I’m just using style to tell you people to vote for me next year okay.

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Secondary School Stories PT 5 (Encounter with God)

Hey guys, HAPPY NEW MONTH, how have y’all been. sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been on hiatus, besides I’ve been on vacation with Rihanna and Le Boo, did you see me and RiRi at the Barbados carnival, damn it was fun. Before that, I was in bible school for a week and I am proud to say I am a changed soul now, and in today’s post I am going to change your life and bring you closer to the father o:) . Anyways for y’all reading this for the first time. My name is Theophilus or Theo in short.  I am Mike Ross‘ brother aka Mr. Giving You All You Disayyyaaa. Think I’m lying? Ask them ;). Well I’m going to be starting a new series on this blog besides my random talk, just telling y’all to anticipate alright.


So this story dates back to when I was in SS3, that’s like a year ago and as the header tells, I was scared shitless due to the events which you’re about to read. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

So It was the period after WAEC when my stupid school didn’t allow us to go for break before NECO, we begged and begged but to no avail, so we accepted our fate and died slowly in school. Due to the fact that there was no money, no girls, and that people were home and we were suffering in school, people started clearing their matters through fights, blood splattering on the walls of the hostel, food coolers started “flying” and other supernatural things, School had become a warzone.

I started going for prayer meeting and stuff, since I had the time obviously and I was trying to become a better person and pray for good result too. So I went that faithful Saturday evening for prayer meeting, there was singing, lots of prayers and stuff like that. After about 2 hours, we finished and were about to go to the hostel when the chapel president told all SS3 boys to wait. After waiting like 10 minutes, he told us to come to the back of our hostel where there was one big tree that had the kind of hole that took Alice to wonderland. Now the thing about trees in my school is that they were always given one superstitious gist or the other. The tree at the back of my hostel in Jss1 was said to be able to sing in the night, another able to walk, another be able to produce over ripened mangoes that kill and that it could possess you if you ate the mangoes, mostly called bullshit on all of them. So here we were, the guy was telling us to pray on the tree, that there were demons inside that were doing meeting and a war had begun. First of all it was around 10.30pm and there was little or no light around there and that alone made scared shitless. Other students were in their hostels and we were the only ones outside their hostels in school. Sha sha we started praying , and we were stopping at intervals to take prayer points when the lights in school went off. Gaddemn I was like

Scared Shitless

I started hearing sounds and stuff. I just died when they saw one white bird near the tree and they claimed that it was one of the demons and that they should kill it. In my mind I was like why kill the bird, did it transform in front of you? , cos I am not a “strong believer” to that extent and I believe it could have just had a broken leg or stuff like that. They sha killed the bird. We started praying again, when someone screamed that something touched him, the guy started crying saying that someone touched him, a supernatural being, and that he heard a voice call out or stuff like that,(cant remember much). At that point I wanted to cut the chain and leave, go to hostel and sleep. I couldn’t take the mental trauma, but I couldn’t go to hostel alone, I didn’t want anything “Touching me”, so I decided to stay. We started singing and praying in the night again. Now this thing seemed like a “Meeting” to me, when suddenly another person shouted “My Leggggggggg”, it was like “spiritual” arrow had hit him, and he went on “I wont stop praising my God, You people shall not succeed, I shall not fall, I shall not fall” , believe me, as I type this story, it still sends chills down my spine.

At this point, My heart was in my Ass, I couldn’t breathe, I was depending on the fact that we were holding hands and that gave me a sense of togetherness, and I was even damnnnnn more scared as fuckkkkkkk when we were not holding hands. Finally after about like 1 hour of firing prayers like it was MFM, they finally concluded that “As you are here today, as you have partook in this, if you ever leave the lord, *****” (I can’t remember) but it sounded like a threat to me. Another person just shouted “ he is speaking to me , he said if you leave me ********* “ but it was concerning giving your life to Christ, and another person said “as you go to your rooms today, clean up as the angel of the lord is going to be passing or else the wrath of the Lord will befall you”. “The Exorcism” of probably the tree or whatever was under it besides worms and organic matter finally came to an end, and we sang praises to the hostel where people had been hearing every single thing that had been going on outside, they too were scared to their balls. Eventually we cleaned up and we were so scared that we had to sleep side by side; some couldn’t sleep throughout the night, and let’s not forget that there wasn’t light. But trust boys, 3 days later, we were back to cooking in the hostel (we cook better than most girls), Jumping fence amongst other things ;). Sha I reduced my participation I such things and stuck to praying on my own and Sunday church service, yes, no extracurricular activities, I needed to stay sane abeg. Trust me the whole shit was far more intense than it looks like but I can’t explain it to depth. I’m so happy I’ve left that jungle.

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