Umm. So hey guys how ya dewwing. Welcome back to Pietrospeaks where nothing reasonable is said and nothing is learnt. Well yesterday, after sharing the links and all, I hadn’t had breakfast and so I remembered a recipe for FRIED BREAD (I’m not a bush man. Its not french toast). This recipe was founded by my great sister in the kitchen of the royals. So I set off to preparing it and after 30 mins I was done. I came onto my twitter and tweeted “Fried bread for breakfast” that’s when all hell broke loose and I saw people whose lives had been dulled from birth. Me having not watched lion king till today is dulling but you not having fried bread is a sin. Yes its a sin. Well I guess I’ll have to drop the recipe on one of my later posts.
To todays Post then.


So I told you guys in my last post that I went for one camp stuff like that right. (You can open it up if you haven’t), so it was one church camp held in ogun state in one finnnnnne school . I call it fiiiiiiiiiiine  because the secondary school I went to is not 0.0000000001 times as good as this school is, Dieted meals, Ac in the rooms and all that, Man it was heaven for some of us, some people were already so accustomed to their struggle that they chose to sleep on the floor instead of mattress mannn.
Well throughout the camp, it was filled with prayer, like “Demon crushing” prayer and stuff and the thing is i’m not much of a fan of prayers involving shouting and stuff so it was somehow annoying most times (lord forgive me) when everywhere would erupt in prayer, it was like noise to my ears. Anyways lets fast forward to the last day of camp when everybody was preparing and ready to flee back to their homes. After breakfast we all went to a dome like structure where we hold our services, for praise & worship, having lead praise & worship the previous day (Aspa Radical boy for Jesus 😉 ) I felt no need to go out, not no need but I didn’t feel like. So after the praise and worship, the normal talk would be “after camp, whats next” where people would start saying how their lives have changed and stuff (I believe most if us revert back in maximum space of a week if not two), then we go on to pray then flee home. But today, we weren’t having any of that, we were having a Deliverance session.
Someone then came up to tell us his story of how he was once a cultist and stuff, and how his life had changed as he came for this camp. His main intention was to come and flex (Enjoy) but as the Lord will have it, The Holy spirit “Arrested” him. His story was touching mann and I feel thats the only person i know that truly changed in that camp.
Now after his testimony, a pastor came to tell us that the accessories we bought from olumo rock had “demons” in them, hat we shouldn’t collect it that they would be burnt. Lawl. Me having bought 3 items, A local necklace (dog tag) and 2 identical beads I was like no no no, not because of the money but because of the way they had made everything so spiritually affiliated. Trust, I collected my stuff with them back eventually.
They later started Altar call which I choose not to go for because I have given my life to christ countless times. Some people went and gave their life to christ and stuff. Then one of the pastors came up and preached, he was then like “if you have any problems, that you’re facing, any “demon” that is disturbing your life, I want you to come to the stage” . Thats how people started coming out in multitudes, I have my own problems too but tbh, its a mixture of problems and peer pressure that took me out. The pastor said we should close our eyes, he started praying, gradually graduated to “Speaking in tongues” (most times I dont see the need for this), then the next thing he was like “HOLYYYY GHOSTTTTT, IT IS COMING, IT IS COMING,  IT IS COMING”. Mannnnnn The place was cold as fuck and this nigga was shouting. Mannnnn I was like

I was scared as hellll. I think the fear was on the same level as my encounter in secondary school , but that one was worse being in the night. I was so scared that I had to start rubbing shoulders with people around me, babes to be precise because everybody was scared man. The pastor went on like “CLOSEEEEEE YOUUUURRRR EYESSS. THE HOLYYYY GHOST. IT IS COMING,  IT IS COMING , IT IS COMING” Man all my thoughts of opening eye to peep just died immediately. Then he was like “IT IS HERE. HOLY GHOST YOU ARE HERE” and according to what I see on tv and stuff, I was expecting my body to start catching fire or something out of the ordinary, but I felt nothing but fear. The pastor then called on the other facilitators and was like “THE HOLY SPIRIT IS HERE. WE ARE GOING TO DELIVER THEM”. My eyes were still shut for like 3 minutes when I heard “POWWEEEEEEEEERRRRRR, DIEEEEE, COME OUTTTT, I CASTT YOU”. Man I had to open my eyes. This what what I saw

Mann a facilitator was choke slamming one babe, saying she should receive the Holy spirit, it was too late to go back to my seat, so I rather ran to another side where people were concentrated. And all around me I was just hearing “RECIEVEEEE ITTTT. RUN OUT”
PS: I am a Baptist, all of this was like a freak show.
I opened my eyes again and saw people lying down on the floor like they had either been castrated or choke slammed. Finally MY TIME CAME. I was face to face with the pastor and I was like

So I steadied my leg to have stamina because my legs were shaking involuntarily and I’m sure It was because of fear and also because I was so sure that he would push me.
So he put his hand on my head and started praying and started pushing me back and back and back and I continued moving back and turning round and round and round until he had “delivered” me and I rushed back to my seat. I didn’t feel anything leave my body though. Even if anything didn’t leave, Thank you Jesus, but mann the fear. They later asked if they felt if anything left our bodies. Sadly only very few people raised their hands after hesitation.
And by the way. My right ear is blocked now. Some say its the “olumo demons”. Mannn Fuck that, I will still wear em. GOD DEY.

That does it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it and it wasn’t too long or short for ya! If you enjoyed the post, remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on other posts! Follow @Pietrosparks and have an awesome day! #RadicalBoyforJesus

10 thoughts on “Deliverance

  1. Dear Theo, Nice stuff. Enjoyed your post can never forget mouth orgasm :”) Still waiting for the fried bread dont tell the queen 😉 and still waiting for #Ubuntu. See your struggle life. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine school. The Lord bless your soul.

    • Lmaooo. Baby I appreciate that you. could type this out for a little ol me. Sure im going to give you mouth orgasms and you’ll taste the fried bread hun. We will struggle together
      Love. Theo

  2. Theo…idiot…still where i left u i see…nice stuff
    Buh nigga dont play wit the Holy Ghost mehhnnn….if he says no olumo then No olumo.

  3. You killed my ribs son :D…been awhile since i’ve had such a good laugh…thought i was already imune to psychiotic lines. thanks for the deliverance 😀

  4. Lmao……tfu nigga….wtf???… u want to kill me with laugh….. Guy go for a medic check up…. U no well @ all

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