I am Quite bad at Betting

Hey guys, how you doing, how was your night/day. Got problems in your life? , Girlfriend problems? , haven’t been able to get a girlfriend for your 25 years on earth?. Today I am here to prophesy against it, come for deliverance, come to me let me change your life, I shall cast away that curse that has been put on your beauty, we can use makeup in the process, or the alternative, Just twerk on top Knife and all your problems shall be solved, so easy.
Anyways incase you’re reading this post for the first time; you can call me Theo/Pietro/Psychopath/MrGivingYouAllYouDisayya/Badman T/Mr Fried Bread. I don’t need to explain how my names give people mouth orgasms, ask people let them explain. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all the support, RT’s, Likes, @’s, Comments and the fact that yall always comeback even when theres nothing being learnt. I woke up to 2,500+ views of my blog, its not been easy even though I haven’t been able to deliver as I promised iiii… *sniffs*  


Well because of this, I’ve decided to bless y’all with a link of my secondary school documentary. It portrays the average life and times of a Navy Boy, Here it is . After you watch it I’m sure you’ll be like “This nigga has struggled”, omo yesso. You can catch up on little bits of my Adventurous and sad life in secondary school HERE. Today’s post might be short, but anyways to the post


Ever heard of anything like Nairabet? Well most of you won’t know this, its for people like us that used to struggle before. Okay let me explain, Nairabet is a website where people place bets as the name implies, and predict scores and stuff like that hoping to multiply their money up to a hundred times extra which can be cashed out. To cut the long story short, you can bet with N100 and win up to N30, 000 or more depending on how many bets you place in successive order. Having read this, I’m sure you’re hungry to make some money, see thief. Sha here is the site: Nairabet .
So here is the thing, It was 2nd semester when this Nairabet craze swept school properly, Almost every laptop you saw connected to the internet was on Nairabet or on another score site, trying to permutate his winnings. When I hear some people say “This guy put N200 in chop N45, 000”, I used to be like “Omo, one day I go join dey make money like fireee”. So after months of resistance, I finally caught the plague, I registered on Nairabet and flourished my account with about N1000 for starters. Then I went to meet “Nairabet gods’  to teach me the way, the guy I went to meet was just talking gibberish about how to predict and co, I was just nodding to all he was saying because I knew I was gonna win like a mad man either ways. So I decided to bet on lawn tennis that day, I put like N100 on the bet and watched as the scores turned. I bet at the early stages of the game so the winnings were still high. The person I bet for was winning at 1st quarter and I felt I had cheated nairabet. Mannn you don’t even want to know how that turned out, Lets just say minus N100. so here I was with N900 and the eagerness to bet, I bet on other things sha but till today, I NEVER WON, NOT EVEN ONCE ON NAIRABET, so I decided to stop. I still have like N100 inside my account sha, if you want, just @ me. But there was a day when I bet N100 and I accumulated many bets and it entered like N25000, that day I knew that either Nairabet wasn’t for me or they were following me from my village. Imagine, out of 19 games I bet for, I won 18 and lost 1, and since I accumulated, a loss spoils all. If I made that money now, I would have opened my fried bread shop by now, oh well I go still blow. Anyways, to cut the long story short, I stopped betting.
One of my roommates, one big guy like this and his friend came up to me that they’ll finance the betting, that I will make the betting decisions and we will share the stash if we won. Here was how this guy is compared to me so I couldn’t even decline;


besides I wanted to feel like na me bet pass and I wanted to win ofcourse. So they deposited like N1000 into my dreaded nairabet account and I started placing bets, I was losing and their money was going but I wasn’t telling them sha, because I no wan spoil contract. The day Real Madrid was playing against Barcelona, they said I should bet on “Both teams score” but no, I bet on “Madrid wins” and I lost, they didn’t shout, they kept calm, but the day Nigeria was playing with one country like that during the African Cup Of Nations tournament, they called that I should bet on Nigeria, but me being me, someone who doesn’t believe in naija football bet on the other team. When Nigeria won, I was like  


This nigga wanted to beat me Mann. I just had to lock up and sit down in one corner while he shouted. I then suggested that I give him back his money, that’s when he became real angry and was acting like N1000 was nothing. Mann I’m just happy I didn’t chop blow or kick or anything that would have made me receive deliverance that night. The funny thing is I have two friends that lose but still keep betting, I just keep praying that they will hit jackpot so we will share the money together. It’s cool to say that I’m either bad at betting or I’m just not lucky in terms of Nairabet, but quote me “I WILL STILL HIT THAT NAIRABET JACKPOT” and I will shame my betting enemies.  
That’s it for today guys. If you enjoyed today’s post, Subscribe to the blog so you never have to miss a post again, follow @pietrosparks on twitter , drop your comments & Keep up the support, Thanks.

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