New Hairstyle

Hey guyssss. Whats good, hows your life been so far, missed me? I doubt that. I’ve been working helter skelter to get my nigga Garreth Bale to Real Madrid, and I also acted as intermediary for Özil to go to Arsenal, so the past few days have been hectic as hell, even meagan misses me on bed, well generally she misses me and I miss her and the kids as well.
I’m sure most girls dont even know what I’m talking about, there’s always Google, do your research and undull.
So here’s the thing guys, today’s post wont be long atall. I wont even call it a post to begin with but hell yeah its a post, so just enjoy and tell me what you think okay?

So remember how I told you guys here that I wasn’t going to cut my hair till I was extremely rich, then I’ll get one of these fine american models to oil my head and rub it to a distinctive shine? Well the thing is, over the weekend , I thought It was time I grew a  natural un-relaxed fro i.e No treatment has been done  on the hair, and due to some other circumstances, I walked to the barber and told him to give it to me. Yeah, give me the Skin cut, popularly known on here as desert. Even the barber was shocked and asked me up to 3 times if I was sure, each time with doubt I reassured him. Well after the Cut, I felt so light headed, I could feel the breeze, It was like I was in touch with the earth but you know what, A peng nigga turned Ugggggg. Yep. Viewers, your homeboy, badman T is now an Ugg monster. Well ive been ug from start so its not new 😦
Oh well see some pictures .






Yeah. You’ve had your laugh ,my head is like ball right, you can bounce it to hell and back. I am using this as a medium to you all, Cut your hair and come and feel the earth, itthe new cool, dont you see how people die for Banky W, 1 for his head, then other factors follow.Babes will even check you out more, girls too can cut their hair, don’t you see how Amber Rose pulls the lowcut/Skin hairstyle off so gorgeously. I even look like Vin diesel now, with the body, head etc. 😉 You know how we do.
Well if you think I’m stupid or sick you are free to @ me on that. So anyhow the question is “Yay or Nay”?

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