Secondary School Stories Pt 4 !

Hey guys. How was your night? Good or bad? Had the perfect dream? Didn’t dream at all?  Threesome with the babes of life? Or with that guy!. Anyways my night was aii. No dreams today, I’ve been rather making out in my dreams for the past 3 days, and hallucinating in real life. One person would say “you are making out ( not sex biko ) in your dream, they have charmed you in the spiritual realm “. -______-
Reading this for the first time?. My names are Pietro,Theo, Mike Ross’ brother, Runaway boy, Badman etc. You can call me any.
Anyways today I thought we should talk about a specie of people which rather have a twist in their DNA and probably their asses; Fags (Homosexuals, Gays, Pohts, Potès). HEY HEY IF YOURE A FAG AND YOUR READING THIS ,I AINT DISCRIMINATING YALL, GAT MUCH LOVE FOR YALL ( NOT LOVE – LOVE SHA JUST. ………LOVE .I HAVE SOME OF YOU AS FRIENDS).
We all had fags in our schools, whether it was Whitesands, st Gregory’s , holy child, BIS, Grange etc . You can deny it all you want but we all know what happens around 11 at night in “The corner”. My schools case is akways different. In other boy schools, they normally had a girl school nearby which they could mingle with and do shii and co, but my school didn’t, it just had one (Lord forgive me ) Razz school beside it that the girls looked worse than most boys in my school, and besides that, security was tight aspa military and co so jumping the fence was for the brave.
So now I guess the students back then were stranded and they needed “soul-food” which they couldn’t get, other than those that jumped the fence to go and knack outside. They resolved to “Giving” their species. Feeding in them and forcing them to collect.
I heard that back then around 1990’s the seniors which were all looking like this

Were all thirsty and could just see “one nice looking junior” and call him up to a corner. And go like this “Back to the matter, open and close, touch your toes , baby oya yodiii ” and the junior would go like this

If not, the senior could call up his other Mates and they could Gangbang you together and if you manage to escape, your life would be a living hell afterwards. There was no way to be loud or seen and you wont get Deflowered, or your ass Annihilated, your rectum destroyed!!! Really it was war.
Fast forward to my own time now. I never knew fags existed until I entered Jss2 prior to Jss3 when the hostel arrangements were shuffled and we had to live with our seniors ranging from Ss1 – Ss3. It was fucking madd. Other than the random beatings and co, I used to hear stories bout fags and co, the scariest part was when I heard that there were fags in my division ( kinda like area of a hostel,  Hostel–> Division –> Rooms ). I had to start sleeping like this

And I often repeated “My booty is mine, you cannot take it from me ” like night prayer (joking oh). Lol the funniest part was when I heard one guy, “The red sportswear guy ” wanted to fag one of my padis like that. Now, this my padi I’m talking about is fucking strong as hell, fucking built from birth,  to round it up, He is a Machine mehhn. So this fag guy crept up in the night to my padi’s bed. He had started the seduction and was about to remove his boxers to Dive in with his submarine when he chopped blow that sent him to the future and back, he didn’t see other people to fag, he wanted it big I think, so its not his fault. He quickly wore his boxers and immediately ran off and changed to green sportwear to resume business in another division. When we were on extension in school during the Jss3 exams, almost the whole set was packed into one room like sardines and this same guy wanted to fag one of my niggas, asinn he must’ve been possessed or something. As he climbed on the bunk this time, he did his seduction, trying to go in for the kill when he chopped slap that sounded like fighter jet. We all saw what happened, but you can’t talk ,besides we didnt have evidence.
It was becoming so bad that I had to arm myself, most people kept Wood under their beds. I made a weapon which involved a hard Spiral nail attached to Hard Dunlop Foam. I trained for weeks on how to aim the penis straight and I kept it close to me every minute. The swag back then I heard, was shinning torchlight on someone’s face , then confirming if he was awake or not, then see if you can go in for the kill. (COME COME, I ALWAYS HEARD, I NEVER CAUGHT ONE PERSON. IF I HAD EHN THE PERSON WOULDA BOUGHT ME PS4 LAST YEAR ). Lmaooo. One of my niggas recently came to my house and we were gisting and we entered someones matter. He told me about 2 guys in my set that seemed like they were cooperating asin sharing provisions and co, meanwhile the main story was that one had caught the other fagging someone and since that day, that guy turned to his bank. He would be like “Guy bring money make we cook ” “bring money make we buy drinks” . I swear I thought it was joint stuff until my nigga told me . The thing is that fags are smart, the way they cover their footsteps and the fact that you can’t open up a niggas ass to check is just perfect.  Its when someone tells you or you see that it finally clicks, “the slight vaseline stains” , “the slight ‘water’ stains”, “the over friendly behaviour” “the walking posture” . Ah but the way they will beat you if they catch you ehn . Lord!! They even beat someones Penis while at it one time. It was reddened like an overdone
The fags brought occupation for some niggas sha. They turned Fag police, staying in classes and other places to see who wants some ” Good Good loving ” that night. They would wait till they get their groove on, then they’ll strike and catch you ” dick in the ass or mouth – handed “, then they make their demands if they are not bent on beating you. But tbh why ass?? . Youre scarring yourself for life mehn. Some even had very feminine characteristics and cos of that we called them women. Tell me why they won’t fag you when you’re behaving like someone that needs memory card in the ass.
It was scary when you’ll come back from night Prep and you see metal bunk like this

Omo The thrust!!!!!!. While some were able to escape with their lives, some were unfortunately Expelled . I still suspect some of my mates though but we can only laugh about it,  hoping their secrets are safe.
As for me I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM NOT A FAG IN ANY WAY  AND MY ASS IS STILL INTACT (COME AND CHECK IF TOU WANT). Anyways for y’all claiming #TEAMVIRGIN with a gaping hole at the back, Sorry bruv, It was the devil. Anyways I love lesbians , for all I care I dont mind dem lesbians mehn…
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Chooking mouth / Famzing

Hey, hi , wassup, good-morning ____o_ ,ekabo , anyone jorh, anyone that suits you best and gives me a better chance of famzing you. Anyway whats good, how has your day been, how have tou been faring , I’m just thankful that I’m going back to school, okay it seem unusual. Yeah thats how bad life is out here. Ehen by the way ,except this is your first time on this blog page which by doing so you’ve carried last, you should know my name(s) by now. The name is Theo, Pietro, The rider of Bugatti Bicycle, The Tensioner, Mr giving you all you desire ,Star of Barney and Friends , Lets not forget Nigerian Chuck Bass. Choose anyone , i know you’ll still love me at the end.
Well over the past week , some thing happened to me on Twitter , mehn i have never been humiliated so much on a social network b4 *skip *skip but its normal. Lemme just summarize what happened . I entered one guys mentions continuously ,Tbh i didn’t know the guy and I wont call it Famz, why should I Famz a mofo I’ve never seen, lemme call it Chooking mouth inside Retweet . After a period of time the guy was like (Jesus christ, i dont even know this guy) referring to me, the next thing, one of my own guys i knew denied me like Paul denied Jesus . This was too epic Tbh, retweets popped here and there and i entered Trending topic, sharr thats how you gradually become a Twirra celeb like me 😊.
Now the thing here is that niggaz (babes too) feel that if i dont know tou and youre talking to me , it is famz, your father there, how do you now know people, if its like that, your Mother has been Famzing tour father all these years, vice versa, sorry to say. Let me define Famzing according to Oxford Dictionary : its a process whereby someone who doesnt know you or flow with you decides to form ‘We be Sure Padi’s’ . But Tbh, famzing in this present day isnt because he or she doesnt know you, its prolly because maybe he or she isnt that fine ( maybe your beauty/fine boy has been locked inside bottle, inside pot locked at the bottom of the Pacific) sorry to say, or maybe the guy or babe Gbagauns a lot, or you believe he or she doesnt fit to roll with you/your social circle ( even God doesnt dine with you, who are you, Davido abi Wizkid. Smh😒). But sorry to say yet again, many guys / babes might have missed that ‘prince charming’ due to the fact that you think he or she Famzing, the guy/babe might not be that fine, might not be Dangote’s son or My daughter( you know im fucking Rich naaaaa😁) or might not be fit to be in your yeye ‘class’ , but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you might be blind currently, Go and beg your enemies in the village to release your Eyes inside the Calabash on top the mango tree in front of your Grandma’s house. As for me , mehn, Im free , just that some idiots annoy me. Abeg lets shift topic small. Shey you watched Barca- madrid , Abeg which babe on here or that you know can do a full split like Puyol, LMaoooooooooo😄😂😭😭, but Tbh, Madrid is my team, I own it. Again Man U fans , i Told you niggas De Gea was seeing his period, and nobody should yarn crap that Nani didn’t deserve the Red card. Abeg let Puyol’s daughter be as Good as him.
Back to topic. Sheyy you know i Believe in ‘True Love’ , ahhhhh mehn i’ll Keep that for another day. Im simply Advertising that i need GehFriend, Abeg your Fine Sister will do. But tbh sef, ‘just there’ guys and girls will still marry, why you dey fear, God dey.
Anyhow the Moral lesson is that you should Be more friendly to niggas like Me , which Aint popular or gat Doe or gat Friends. Such A Loner.😓😞😊☺. btw dont forget to follow me on Twirra @pietrosparks . This is the screenshot of what happened on Twirra. Enjoy and stay Blessed


Guy Code

Hello, wassup, wad up , how far , whats good, hey there, abeg anyway you want to answer, how has your day been, mine has been……. well, very dry and i want to get Osama from the grave to blow down lekki phase 1 ,thats how bad the boredom is. Since my exams are over and I’m back home, well I’ve decided to write a post after weeks of thinking of what to write and it finally dawned on me . By the way the name is Theo , almighty Theo, Mr giving you all you desire 😊 , Pietro, The inventor of air , etc. Any other cool name is accepted . Ehen i forgot, Mr na me handsome pass 😉.
Well today I’m going to be talking about THE GUY CODE.😁 . Its just a set of rules which REAL GUYS should follow. Well most of the rules i guess. Lets start off 😊

1. Real guys don’t, i repeat , don’t pout . Are you looking for dick to suck , smh😒

2. Real guys must’ve never liked or loved barney & friends , nnena & friends , Teletubbies etc. smh these shiis were like partial brainwash, wtf , im not that dull and they would be like “the spaceman is here and he is taking us to the moon” wtf. Is the spaceman’s mother a MILF on Mars?, If yes , well you can take the kids all the way 😒.

3. Real guys listen to upcoming dope artistes like hotice boys (still waiting for another dope single) , lil imbz / lil imzy (guy we dey wait for ur first single ooh) , DRBLasgidi (Naija’s one direction according to Gift.) ETC…. They are too much to mention abeg . Everybody wan do music 😪.

4. Real guys dont have artistes like Timaya on their playlist, guy are they trying to kill you from ur village, if yes , you can listen to timaya and get some tips on how to run and sing song , then keep dada and then cut it .

5. Real guys dont watch fashion TV , for Gods sake, are you a fag, its not proper although i know you want to keep up with fashion, but guy nawwww, its not just meant to be, keep it tuned for your 5 years old sister so she can learn to dress like Ke$ha or Gaga before she turns 16.😁

6. Real guys should know how to see the sexual side of things y’know 😜. If a babe is gisting you of how she went all the way to the palms to get fresh banana and carrot and couldn’t find and she is hungry , you should know she is either a fruit lover which i doubt or she is seriously horny and NEEDS the D. This is just to say that real guys know when a babe wants it. Its just a blink judgement.

7. Real guys dont do ashawos , guy naww , thats just nasty, if youre that horny, look for porn to watch (not advisable). Or go watch some barney and friends. It should get your hormones and mind under control, and maybe vex you for trying to brainwash you 😉.

8. Real guys are not feel-amongers . Because im doing shii doesnt mean you should do. Because Dumebi is doing music doesn’t mean Persie should do music or Because im giving your babe all she desires doesnt mean you should look for mine , which after finding out i dont have one, means you would probably go and look for ashi or prolly watch barney. Sorry ehn . 😁 Its not my fault I’m Almighty.

9. Real guys don’t steal pins, stalk followers asiin BBM, Twitter and Stuff. Guy are you that desperate , meet the babe and collect it na . Or you can just ask your guy for the pin, no gatts steal maw, its not that serious . At the end of the day , you will carry your mouth and say the babe is fronting. Who born your father, she know you from adam??.

10. Ehen finally for this segment . Real Guys read this Blog, asinn, My blog, Theo’s Blog, Real guys retweet this, send the link and spread my blog sha. This should be number 1 guy rule self. Let me not be selfish.

Ehen sha sha. There are still more guy rules, i cant type for long , maybe in another part . So till I’m in a very bored state, which is everyday , and i decide to write, follow @pietrosparks on twitter

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